Both the feet and the hands have reflex areas which correspond to all  the organs, systems and glands of the body. By applying pressure to  these reflexes with the fingers and thumbs, the nerve impulses are  stimulated, promoting an overall well-being, physically, mentally and  emotionally. 

The whole person is treated! 

Reflexology brings balance and harmony to all body systems. 

Facial Reflexology

This will improve physical and emotional health. Working directly on  the face will also tone the facial muscles acting as a non surgical face  lift.

Reflex points are stimulated by applying pressure with the fingertips  and/or thumbs.The ears themselves represent the whole body. 

After facial treatments people always have a fresh, relaxed face and their eyes are much more open and sparkling.

Abdominal Reflexology

This form of Reflexology originated in Japan. It induces a high degree of relaxation.  The lateral edge of the working hand and fingers and thumbs are used to  work on reflex areas linked directly to their respective organs or on  the acupuncture meridians. 


The essential plant oils are absorbed into the body during massage or  by inhalation. The oils have therapeutic properties, influencing emotional and physical well-being. 

The aroma released can affect mood, metabolism and stress levels. Oils are used to suit the patients own preferences and needs. 


Massage allows the oil molecules to be absorbed into the bloodstream  to pass to the nervous system, influencing the hormonal system. Massage stimulates the lymphatic system,  removing toxic waste from the body. The various massage techniques used  and the pressure depend on whether you want the treatment to alleviate  certain health problems or to invigorate or relax. 

Polarity Therapy

Pain or illness is due to an imbalance of the flow of life energy around the body. 

Using the palms of the hands and / or fingertips to apply pressure to the body from head to toe, energy is re-balanced and is able to flow without interruption between positive and negative poles, which act like magnets. 

Classical Magnetic Therapy

Human body cells have subtle magnetic forces. Magnets placed on the body enhance the circulation, since the iron in the red blood cells respond to magnetism.

In turn the supply of oxygen in the cells is improved.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

This is an ancient system of healing, which treats the person as a  whole and looks at the pattern of symptoms of the individual rather than looking for a named disease.

A wide range of therapies (as above) are based on the principles of T.C.M.

The Yin & Yang are complementary opposites and affect how the QI or ENERGY flows in the MERIDIANS, energy pathways in the body, which either begin or end on a finger or toe and penetrate major body organs.

The MERIDIANS are divided into the FIVE ELEMENTS: 

and governed by the function of the ORGAN CLOCK = CHINESE CLOCK


Aromatherapy and Reflexology can benefit everyone whether in good health  or their health requires improvement.In our increasingly stressful,  often impersonal world, massage is being rediscovered as renewing,  non-invasive form of communication through touch.  It is excellent for  helping a wide range of stress related disorders including headaches,  insomnia, hypertension, inflammatory skin disorders, and pre-menstrual  syndrome and menopausal problems.  It can help boost the immune system and  relieve the aches and pains of rheumatism and backache, as well as  providing some comfort for osteoarthritis.