Isabel – 87 years old, Dundee – I  have been having regular sessions for 12 years and Margaret always  comes to me, which is a great help.  From the beginning when I had a  shoulder and arm massage and facial reflexology, I knew I would benefit  from the treatments.  I have various ailments, but reflexology  accurately pinpoints the problems and does help to alleviate or reduce  the symptoms and my general well-being is much improved.  Results have  sometimes been immediate and I am always amazed at what the feet can  tell.  Margaret often uses the magnets when treating me and there is an  instant benefit.  I feel great after each treatment and would recommend  that people try the therapies for themselves.  I have learned a lot  about myself and what I can expect from the treatments and how they work  from Margaret.

Kristell, Auchtermuchty – I have  received reflexology from Margaret for approximately 8 years.  I enjoy  the treatment as I find it relaxing and it also helps with my general  health and well-being, especially in the winter months when I used to  suffer from colds regularly.  These are now a thing of the past.  I  would highly recommend Margaret as she is very knowledgeable about  reflexology and other types of complementary and alterrnative medicine  and takes the time to understand what I want to get out of the therapy  session.  My two children have also had regular treatments since a very  early age.  My daughter enjoys getting an aromatherapy massage.

Janice D. Dundee – I enjoy the  treatments and find them very relaxing.  Results can be instant and even  miraculous as in my case.  The reason for having treatment was due to  water retention in my feet, ankles and legs.  I was so desperate because  I could not get my shoes or even sandals on.  After just the first  treatment of reflexology the outcome was so remarkable and there was a  very noticeable difference in the before and after.  I was over the moon  because I could get my shoes on easily.

Pauline, Anstruther – I have  been having reflexology from Margaret for 4 years now and I am still  currently having reflexology.  I would highly recommend Margaret as she  provides a professional, friendly service and I always feel amazing  after having a treatment.  Margaret is very experienced and tailors her  service to meet all different types of need.


Aromatherapy and Reflexology can benefit everyone whether in good health  or their health requires improvement.In our increasingly stressful,  often impersonal world, massage is being rediscovered as renewing,  non-invasive form of communication through touch.  It is excellent for  helping a wide range of stress related disorders including headaches,  insomnia, hypertension, inflammatory skin disorders, and pre-menstrual  syndrome and menopausal problems.  It can help boost the immune system and  relieve the aches and pains of rheumatism and backache, as well as  providing some comfort for osteoarthritis.