An in-depth consultation is taken before the commencement of any treatment.

This is very important so that I can get to know you, your health,  lifestyle etc. and also you can ask any questions and voice any concerns  you may have regarding the treatments.

As with all therapies, with the exception of Facial Reflexology, there are contra-indications and I need to make you aware of them. Perhaps one therapy will be more suitable.

If you are having a massage then we can discuss the therapeutic properties of the essential oils you may have a preference for.

I also need to know what YOUR expectations are regarding treatments.

You will be told about possible after effects, which some people call  a healing crisis. This usually passes in twenty four to forty eight  hours.

You will also be given advice about aftercare following your treatment.

So, if you live in the Dundee area or in Fife and would like any of the treatments, please call and book your appointment today.


Aromatherapy and Reflexology can benefit everyone whether in good health  or their health requires improvement.In our increasingly stressful,  often impersonal world, massage is being rediscovered as renewing,  non-invasive form of communication through touch.  It is excellent for  helping a wide range of stress related disorders including headaches,  insomnia, hypertension, inflammatory skin disorders, and pre-menstrual  syndrome and menopausal problems.  It can help boost the immune system and  relieve the aches and pains of rheumatism and backache, as well as  providing some comfort for osteoarthritis.